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Altium has been very flexible and willing to invest and do some things within their network to satisfy us.

Chief Operating Officer Beverage Company

Through the pandemic, through a variety of supply chain challenges, we have had problems of every kind and Altium has been a rock. We’ve had virtually nothing that looks like a blip or a hiccup over the last couple of years. They have really truly been our partner.

Vice President, Operations Specialty Chemical Company

In our world, local manufacturing is crucial. Logistics play a significant role in what we do. Altium’s footprint of manufacturing facilities aligns nicely with where we have our strong customer bases.

Executive Vice President Packaging Distribution Partner

Every time I reach out to someone at Altium, no matter what the level is, people are very responsive to getting back to me, which is important. It’s something that helps me understand that we are in important customer to Altium.

Chief Operating Officer Beverage Company

We’ve used Altium’s design services and have been to the design lab. We redesigned nearly our entire package portfolio over a period of 3 years and Altium’s services and capabilities were spectacular. We would do it again if needed!

Vice President, Operations Specialty Chemical Company

    Popular Portland, Oregon Plastic Packaging Solutions

    An organization backed by over 100 years of experience, over 60 plants in the U.S. and Canada, and approximately 3,000 employees.

    Battle Ground and Portland Plastic Packaging: Sustainable Solutions by Altium Packaging

    In the diverse economies of Portland, Oregon, and Battle Ground, Washington, Altium Packaging presents itself as a beacon of sustainable, versatile, and efficient plastic packaging solutions. These solutions span across numerous industries, from beverages and food to healthcare and personal care.

    Altium’s Packaging Solutions: Serving the Unique Industrial Profiles of Portland and Battle Ground

    Altium’s plastic packaging solutions cater to the various industrial sectors of Portland and Battle Ground, aligning with the region’s key industry requirements and enhancing their operational efficacy.

    Quenching Thirst: Water and Beverage Bottles

    Portland’s thriving craft beer industry can immensely benefit from Altium’s water and beverage bottles. These bottles ensure a freshness seal and optimum product integrity, while their recyclable nature boosts the industry’s green initiatives.

    Feeding the Masses: Food Jars and Dairy Bottles

    Altium’s food jars and dairy bottles can cater to Battle Ground’s agricultural sector, allowing safe, efficient packaging and distribution of local produce. The sustainability features of these containers help promote environmental consciousness within the industry.

    Safe Health Solutions: Healthcare Containers

    Portland’s bustling healthcare sector can utilize Altium’s healthcare containers to guarantee the safe and secure distribution of medical supplies. These containers are made from materials that are not only durable but also conform to Altium’s commitment to sustainability.

    Revving Up the Automotive Sector: Specialty Containers

    The automotive industry in both regions can take advantage of Altium’s specialty containers. These containers, designed for automotive products like motor oil, antifreeze, and brake fluid, offer durability and safety while adhering to Altium’s green initiatives.

    Enhancing Personal Care: Personal Care Bottles

    Altium’s personal care bottles cater to Portland’s vibrant personal care industry, offering a range of versatile, recyclable containers suitable for products from shampoos to lotions.

    Altium’s Pledge to Sustainability

    Altium Packaging’s commitment to sustainability is an integral aspect of its operation. By incorporating recyclable materials and optimizing package designs to reduce material usage, Altium stands at the forefront of sustainable packaging practices. In addition, the company actively researches innovative sustainable materials and manufacturing techniques, underscoring its dedication to eco-friendly solutions.

    Conclusion: The Potential of Altium’s Packaging Solutions in Portland and Battle Ground

    Altium Packaging’s diverse, sustainable plastic packaging solutions offer a myriad of possibilities for the industries of Portland and Battle Ground. Their range of products is designed to meet the needs of each sector, promoting growth and sustainability simultaneously.

    Altium Packaging’s solutions not only ensure the safety, quality, and efficiency of product storage and distribution, but they also contribute to a more sustainable future for these regions. By choosing Altium, industries in Portland and Battle Ground can continue to thrive, leaving a smaller environmental footprint. Together, Altium Packaging and these regions can pave the way for sustainable industry practices.